Sonesay Bouphasiry

Artisan Wall Designer

Where Artistic Passion and The Human Condition Come Together.


Sonesay Bouphasiry is a professional artisan wall designer in the spatial construction industry. He specializes in wall art plaster and typically works with commercial developers, Interior Designers and residential home owners.

Before starting his business, Sonesay worked in the field of fine arts in both Toronto and New York in 2005, and has since evolved his love of art, into feature wall designs in a spatial setting. After a successful career in fine arts decorating, he decided to branch out on his own, creating in a sense, a different type of art that not only satisfy his personal need to create, but to create for the need of others. Thus he began laying the foundations of what is today, Surface Design.

Sonesay’s love of connecting with people and hearing their stories, also drives his passion to create his pieces in spaces where people can connect with one another. He enjoys spending his free time with his kids, so when he’s not busy creating art, he’s doing what he can to create memories with his sons.

Sonesay would love to hear from you. If you have any questions or you would like to set up a consultation, please inquire below.  


A look into a local Edmonton based Artist, who turned his love of art, design and people, into a decorative wall design business called SurfaceDesign, and what inspires him to do what he does serving commercial and residential clients.