Feature walls that stand out from the rest


When it comes to redecorating your home there are so many different options and factors to take into consideration that it can be pretty overwhelming. SurfaceDesign aims to make that process just that much more exciting and easier by helping you make informed decisions about what it is you want.

If you are a bit of a novice to decorating, or you want to make a change without having to spend a lot of money, then creating a feature wall might just be the one for you. A feature wall or your fireplace is an easy and instant way to give your room a fresh, new feel. It can create a focal point in an otherwise bland room, and – if done correctly – can tie the whole room together and create harmony.

If all of the walls of a room are decorated in the same colour or pattern, it creates harmony but can be a bit plain. By picking out one wall and giving it a different, bolder colour, you can change the mood of a room or highlight a particular feature.


Feature walls are most often used when the rest of the room is decorated with a fairly neutral colour. You pick a wall in the room and paint it a different colour, or wallpaper it with a bold pattern, creating a feature.

A feature wall can also be used to create a more defined space in an open-plan area. If you have children you might create a play area, or in a living-diner you might highlight the dining area.

When choosing your wall you have to take into account what type of feature wall you want and the room it is in. A good idea is to take into consideration the dimensions of your rooms and wall. In a narrow room, it is best not to darken one of the long walls because it gives a tunnel-like effect.


Living room (reception room)

There are a lot of walls to choose from and you have to take into account the furniture in the room, and the layout. Usually a wall without a window or door is the best for a feature wall as it give you a large uninterrupted space.

For living rooms the most common wall chosen is the chimney breast as it is already a feature in the room and highlighting it makes use of that feature. Instead of the chimney breast itself, you could choose to highlight the alcoves that usually reside either side of the chimney breast.

A great way to add more storage to your room whilst also adding decoration is to build shelves in these alcoves. Have the wall itself a different colour to the rest of the room, or plaster it, and add floating shelves and you’ve got a great new feature in your room.

No matter the space you’re in, Surface Design will work to get the right feel, texture and colour you desire. Book a consultation today and find out what the possibilities are!

Vinson Lim